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Implementing the plans of the Board of Directors are sound and experienced senior managers. Each manager has extensive banking experience in our local markets. In addition, these individuals are well recognized in the local banking community and have longstanding relationships with many of the financial institutions in our market. Knowing customer needs and how to satisfy those needs is the key to creating a mutually-beneficial relationship.

In addition, the heart of any organization is its staff and here at Maryland Financial Bank we take pride in the abilities and dedication of our staff. Just ask any of our customers. These individuals are the ones with the day to day contact with our customers and who keep the Bank operationally sound. Most have been with the Bank for several years; some have been with the Bank from the very beginning. Each staff member is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and to the success of the Bank.


Kimberly Bacher

Accounting Manager

ph: 410-296-8647

Robert L. Carpenter

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

ph: 410-296-5933

Richard E. Hook, IV

Chairman Of The Board

ph: 410-296-1533

Jennifer A. Kopajtic

Human Resources Manager

ph: 410-296-8511

Joyce K. Miller

Compliance Officer and IT Manager

ph: 410-296-8301

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