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Your Partner in Correspondent Banking

In 2004, a group of community bank CEO’s felt that there was a need to create a financial entity that would target its products and services to other local, community-based financial institutions and most importantly, would not be a competitor to local community banks like most correspondent banks. This business model, defined as a bankers bank, had been successful in approximately 18 markets across the United States, but no bankers bank was headquartered in our local market. Maryland Financial Bank (MFB) was chartered by the State of Maryland as a special purpose bank – a bankers bank. Over thirty local financial institutions and over 100 individual, corporate and institutional investors provided the initial capitalization for our Bank.

The opportunity which existed for MFB was basically created by a change in the local banking environment. In the past larger financial institutions, that had correspondent banking products and services, were willing to provide fee-based services, but they weren’t willing to provide what was truly needed, credit-related products. MFB entered the marketplace willing and able to buy and sell loan participations from and to community banks.

MFB was formed specifically to offer correspondent services to other financial institutions without being their competitor. This again was a change in the correspondent banking arena. The larger institutions providing correspondent services to the community-based institutions were also competing with those institutions for deposits and loans. This is what sets us apart - WE ARE YOUR PARTNER, NEVER YOUR COMPETITION.

We are also unique because of our financial knowledge and experience. Of the fifteen individuals that serve on our Board of Directors, twelve are current or past Chief Executive Officers of community banks. The other three directors bring knowledge and experience in the fields of investments and real estate from privately held businesses. Our senior staff, comprised of six individuals, has combined banking experience of over 150 years. We know banking, we know the local market and we are highly recognized in the banking community.

As your partner, we are there to provide depository, investment and credit products and services. Because we have some product and service limitations, MFB understands that we may not be able to satisfy all of your needs, so we developed numerous strategic alliances with service organizations within the banking industry that are willing and able to help. We have many relationships within the banking industry and stand ready to help you in any way we can.

Perhaps the key to our success is the personal commitment with which we approach our customers. You know us and we know you. We know your institution and your people and we look out for you; just like a partner should.

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